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Being photographed for more than 30 years both during performances as well as during one on one photo sessions, I had opportunities to meet many artists photographers, whose skills and professionalism was of the highest caliber. 


Yet skills, experience, equipment, and editing are not guaranteeing stunning results when photographing human beings. There must be something that will make me relaxed, willing to reveal my true self, show my authentic face, encourage me to be natural and refrain from acting.


Claire Chen has such an amazing personality that has made me forget I want to look better than I am, making me feel like I wanted to smile and not because I had to. She somehow made me even enjoying being in front of the camera which was never my happy moment.


Claire has this unique intuition as to the timing and she is easily finding the perfect moment to press the shutter button.

I like everything in my new set of photographs. And the most important is, I like myself in these photos which are so rare. She was able to read my personality. Working in a friendly, family-like atmosphere, she made me even forgetting it was a photo session.


If you were also missing all that, then find Claire and you will not regret. Or if you feel that you still did not reveal your personality in front of the camera, Claire will do her ”magic”.


Claire Chen is a very skillful, artist photographer and an amazing human being.


Krzysztof Jablonski


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