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Calgary-based commercial photographer Claire is known for her natural simplistic approach to visual storytelling as well as her meticulous attention to detail. She has been photographing models across the globe, with a special focus on dramatic, dynamic portraits of musicians, most recently featured by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

Claire’s vision of contemporary portraiture is a fine balance between art, beauty and fashion, influenced deeply by the French art scene after many years of studying and working in France. Her insight into a subject’s individuality helps create a relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere, perfect for capturing the magical moment, and her adept use of lighting and perspective leaves her clients seeing both their real selves and even previously undiscovered selves. 

“Photography is where realism and creation become one. Regardless of person or place, every image conveys an emotion, a time and a story. Let me tell yours

T- +1 403-992-4776

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